Our Story

Our story began in 1995 when David Liddiard, a Rugby League champion, took a life-changing step to create an Aboriginal not-for-profit organisation on his retirement from sport.

NASCA was established as a small not for profit in 1995 that used sport as an engagement strategy to enact change in the lives of Aboriginal young people. We continue to work towards opening doors to educational and employment opportunities while maintaining the assertion that being strong in one’s culture is necessary to maintain individual and community health.


Sport remains at the heart of NASCA, and the connection between sport and Aboriginal communities is as strong as ever. But our approach has evolved. From focusing on sport, we now take a community development approach to bring about long-term change within young people and their communities. We design and deliver programs to enhance the health, education and employment prospects for Aboriginal young people.


Over more than twenty years, NASCA has worked with thousands of young Aboriginal people and their resilient communities. NASCA’s vision will continue until every Aboriginal child is free from racism, inequality and social injustices. Free to live their life to the full as they determine.