Our Story

Our story began in 1995 when David Liddiard, a Rugby League champion, took a life-changing step to create an Aboriginal not-for-profit organisation on his retirement from sport.

NASCA was established in 1995. Since then we have gone on to support over 15,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people across Australia. Currently we work with 29 communities across NSW and the NT. 

We are proud to be 100 percent First Nations led.


In 2020 we began implementation of our 10-year strategic plan – since then we have made significant gains. In 2021 we are opened 11 new Academies across NSW to support First Nations young women. In Term One, 2021, we also added a new Academy in south-west Sydney to support all genders at Thomas Reddall High School. This means that we went from working with 19 communities in 2020 to 29 communities in 2021 – an incredible achievement, and beyond what we could have hoped for.


We are able to do this thanks to the continuing support of our funders and our community and the success of our amazing Academy students. 

Just like our young people, NASCA’s future is bright. We are growing, and as we do we will remain true to our values and steadfast in achieving our ultimate goal: empowering First Nations young people to thrive.