About Us

NASCA utilises the power of structured sporting and cultural programs to harness the educational, employment and health aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

NASCA works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to create a strength-based, culturally strong environment that ultimately results in Indigenous Australians realising a level of health and prosperity on par with other Australians.

We address the root causes of inequality, and use our Aboriginal knowledge and expertise to ensure young people stay strong in their culture and identity and are resilient in combating the structural and systemic bias and racism prevalent in Australia today.



A Proud, prosperous, healthy Australia; where Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people thrive.


Building confidence of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people to take opportunities & fulfill their potential.

NASCA believes Aboriginal young people have a right to:

  • A strong sense of identity free from apprehension, fear or shame.
  • Access to healthy foods and participation in an active lifestyle.
  • Access to an education system that values Indigenous methods, cultures and knowledge as an integral part of learning and personal development.
  • No barriers to future equal employment with their fellow Australian peers and the opportunity to determine the path they choose.
  • A right to envisage a future whereby Indigenous communities run our own affairs and are empowered to address the consequences of dispossession.
  • Freedom from racism.

NASCA’s work will continue until every Aboriginal child is free from racism, inequality and social injustices. Free to live their life to the full as they determine.