About Us

NASCA utilises the power of structured sporting and cultural programs to harness the educational, employment and health aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

We work through Culture to connect with Community and Country, strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young peoples’ capacities and supporting them to realise their aspirations.



A Proud, prosperous, healthy Australia; where Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people thrive.


Building confidence of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people to take opportunities & fulfill their potential.

Our programs create positive outcomes by focusing on wellbeing, academic support, and connection to Culture. Structural forces, not individual behaviours, are the determinants of life outcomes. For many of our young people, these structural forces have led to outcomes far worse than their non-Indigenous peers. Our model, based on cultural connection and support, works towards bringing equity to the lives of our young people. Over the past 25 years, we have worked with over 15,000 young Indigenous people towards this goal. We are proud to walk alongside First Nations communities and our supporters across Australia, in this work to heal our country.

  • We work in 29 schools across NSW, and the NT. 
  • Our volunteer programs support Indigenous achievement in 9 remote communities. 
  • 100% of our remote students say they are more likely to attend school during our programs. 
  • 80% of Sydney-based students say that NASCA helps them feel more included, resilient, and connected.