NASCA Youth Awards

Modelled on NASCA’s values, we will recognise student achievement and excellence in five categories;

  • Excellence – Being the best you can be
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing
  • Trust – Believing in yourself and others
  • Collaboration – Being an active member of the NASCA community
  • Cultural Pride and Inclusion – Always was, always will be, and I am always proud
  • Youth of the Year Award

2022 Winners

Youth of the Year 2022- Brendon Young

Youth of the Year Winner- Brendon Young!
Brendon’s passion about his culture, being a leader in his community and wanting to make a difference for First Nations People is the reason he is our 2022 Youth of the Year winner. Brendon has been a part of NASCA Since year 8, now he is in his final year of high school where he has recently become a prefect & a strong voice for his peers within the school community. Brendon has participated in many events, as well as being part of the youth voice panel. We thank Brendon for his dedication to NASCA – we can’t wait to see what difference you make in the future.
Congratulations Brendon!

Youth of the Year 2022- AJ Miles

Youth of the Year Winner- AJ Miles
AJ is an outgoing, talkative, independent young woman who approaches every opportunity with such enthusiasm. She has attended every event upholding the NASCA values and leading the right path for those around her. Aj is the true meaning of a young leader and displays this in her every day life, which is why she is our 2022 Youth of the Year.
Congratulations AJ!

Trust Award 2022 – Hannah Bruce

Trust Winner- Hannah Bruce
Despite only entering the Program Last year at the start of year 7, Hannah Bruce has gained the trust of many of her NASCA peers and staff, along with school staff and community. This young woman has taught those around her many valuable lessons in life, one being the importance of not only us influencing our young people but our young people influencing us to be better.
Hannah has many great qualities as a person and as a NASCA student. She shows a huge amount of trust within our program. Hannah thrives at every opportunity that is thrown at her, whether it be through her sporting career or academically.
For someone young in age she has a big voice and is a proud leader who is always willing to listen to others. Hannah has excelled academically over the last 12 months. Her commitment to her schooling and education has enabled her to move into the higher academic class. Hannah is a talented young lady who has a passion for football. We look forward to continuing supporting you through the years.
Congratulations Hannah!

Trust Award 2022 – Emma Parsons

Trust Winner- Emma Parsons
Emma was our trust award winner for 2022. Emma is a proud Murrawarri woman who is proud of her culture and enjoys painting, music and her Jo Jo bows. Emma has consistent high standards of her behaviour and co-operation at school and this has shown with her receiving 6 rise (respect, integrity, strive & equity) awards during year 11 in her inclusion and support classes.
Congratulations Emma!

Integrity Award 2022 – Shaylah Thompson

Integrity Winner – Shaylah Thompson
Since implementing our Young Womens Academies across NSW, Shaylah has been there from the beginning. Shaylah has shown staff, her peers and community that she is a strong and proud Dunghutti Woman and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has strong morals and values, and carries an extensive amount of honesty. Everyday, she upholds the NASCA values within her school and community.
Congratulations Shaylah!

Integrity Award 2022 – Jenara Walters

Integrity Winner – Jenara Walters
Jenara’s qualities of leadership, consistency and respect never go unnoticed. Her pride and Integrity shimmer daily. She has experienced the Dubbo Youth Conference where she felt deeply connected to her culture, young people and staff. This young woman is a triumphant, bright and bubbly individual who always strives to achieve her best in all aspects of her life, she is a member of NASCA’s 2022 youth advisory committee and a vital member of our Academy at Airds.
Congratulations JJ!

Cultural Pride & Inclusion Award 2022 – Nikylah-Lee Byno

Cultural Pride & Inclusion Winner – Nikylah-Lee Byno
Coming from the small community of Weilmoringle in Far Western NSW with a population of around 30 people, Dubbo South Campus year 9 student and young women’s academy leader, Nikylah-Lee Byno is always one of the first people to raise their hand to represent our academy. She is an AMAZING artist who uses art to connect to her home, family, culture and other young people within the academy. She has co-designed the 2021 NAIDOC shirts for the staff of Dubbo College South Campus and recently created a huge 4m x 2m mural for the schools 2022 NAIDOC Celebrations. Nikylah is also our academy’s representative on the Youth Voice Committee.
Congratulations Nikylah-Lee!

Excellence Winner 2022 – Shakyiah Elmes

Excellence Winner – Shakyiah Elmes
A strong, Wiradjuri / Kamilaroi Woman who has been announced as 2023 school captain at Wellington High School, has been rewarded and recognised as our excellence winner. Shakyiah is a valued member of the local, NASCA and school community. She is a natural born leader and a highly looked upon role model to our younger women within the academy. As Shakyiah enters year 12, she obtains her school based traineeship with Allied Health at the Dubbo Base hospital whilst maintaining a high attendance rate and high standard of studies. We look forward to continuing our journey with you on completing year 12 and your future endeavours post school.
Congratulations Shakyiah!

Excellence Winner 2022- Breeanna Horne

Excellence Winner – Breeanna Horne
Kempsey High’s year . Breeanna is a proud Dunghutti woman from the Mid North Coast. She strives for excellence and pushes herself as a dedicated and enthusiastic student who always achieves her best and applies herself in all areas of school life. She has excelled academically and is consistently in uniform and upholds all the NASCA values
and the school values daily. Breeanna excels both in the classroom and within the sporting arena. Breeannas growth and significant achievements over the years have been exceptional and we look forward to supporting and mentoring her in the next 4 years of her journey.
Congratulations Breeanna!

Collaboration Winner 2022 – Kalani Gray Reece

Collaboration Winner – Kalani Gray Reece
Proud Gimuoy, Walaburry, Ydinji from Far North Queensland, Kalani Gray Reece who has only been enrolled in the NASCA program since the beginning of 2022 at Tempe High School, has shown his people, his peers, his school and communities what it’s like to be a true leader.
Participating in CareerFit, GARMA Festival, Dubbo NAIDOC Youth Conference & TIG Olympics, Kalani has built many strong connections with young people, staff, corporate partners and educators.
Kalani is a hard working, driven young man who in the future aspires to work with NASCA in one way or another so he can share his experiences and guide future young people in the right direction.
Congratulations Kalani!

Collaboration Winner 2022- Keisha Alderton

Collaboration Winner – Keisha Alderton
Keisha is a proud Dharug woman from Western Sydney where she attends Glenmore Park High School as a year 10 student. Keisha’s NASCA journey began in year 8, since then she has had an exceptional amount of personal growth gaining confidence, leadership and cultural knowledge.
Keisha attended CareerFit and the Dubbo NAIDOC Youth Conference where she connected with other young people and learnt more about herself, her culture and what her future could look like. She is passionate about working together and embracing her culture through song, dance and education.
Congratulations Keisha!