100% First Nations governed NASCA set to amplify its impact with a $7.9 million grant 

8 January 2021Uncategorized

Media Release

Friday 8th January 2021

100% First Nations governed NASCA set to amplify its impact with a $7.9 million grant

The 100% Indigenous governed and led National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) is set to receive $7.9 million in funding over the next three years. This new funding will come from the Federal Government’s National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). The investment will enable NASCA to work with 13 additional schools in NSW to deliver culturally connected and holistic learning and support activities to First Nations young women. NASCA’s evidence-based programs improve educational outcomes and empower First Nations young people of all genders to fulfil their potential. 

“This is an excellent outcome for First Nations young women in NSW. It means more young people across the State will benefit from NASCA’s unique and proven model of cultural empowerment and community engagement. NASCA’s program is co-designed with the community to support First Nations young people to thrive at school and beyond”,  said NASCA CEO Leanne Townsend.

NASCA has worked with thousands of First Nations young people over 25 years. The organisation currently works within 19 schools across NSW, WA, and the NT to provide academic support as well as leadership and health and wellness programs through a strong cultural lens. With this additional funding, the team will be able to deliver its impactful program to over 1,000 more young people over the next three years. 

“We work with hundreds of young people annually and we deliver thousands of hours of programming. Our model strengthens connection to culture, builds confidence, and improves educational outcomes. This new funding will allow our organisation to grow to meet the demand coming from schools and communities for high quality and culturally connected programming”,  said NASCA CEO Leanne Townsend. 

With an all Indigenous board of directors, and two Indigenous women leading the organisation as the CEO and Program Director, NASCA is exceptionally well-placed to deliver programs with First Nations young women. 

NASCA participant Lily McEwen-Gillespie, Year 10, sums up NASCA’s impact on young people. 

“NASCA has made a positive impact on my life by helping me have a better understanding of my culture. NASCA is important to me because it is my safe space, it helps me to connect with other Koori students and motivates me to come to school and push myself to do better.” 

Please contact Mickey Kovari at mickey@nasca.org.au or on 0402 313 169 for media enquiries and further information. 

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