Being a teenager is hard, and many of our young people face challenges every day which affect their social and emotional wellbeing.

Research has found that around one third of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people have reported high or very high levels of psychological distress; more than twice the proportion of non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people*. And sadly suicide is the leading cause of death for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people between the ages of 15- 34 *

For Indigenous young people social and emotional wellbeing includes mental health as well as connection to country, culture, family and community. There are many reasons why our young people may struggle, these can include racism, trauma, disadvantage and disconnection from culture and country. For our young people this can be a lot to deal with.

NASCA is committed to supporting our young people with a holistic approach. This term the focus of our Sydney based programs will be ‘Good Mental Health’. Our Young Indigenous Pathways Program and our South Sydney Academy will be working with partners WEAVE and Headspace to give our young people skills to help them look after their mental health. We know that our kids are inherently resilient and we are giving them skills to build on their existing strengths.

Sessions will include building resilience and coping strategies, sleep hygiene, promoting physical health through activity and healthy diets, and dealing with bullying.

These workshops combined with the intensive support our team provides both in-class and out of school will help keep our young people healthy and support them to achieve their goals


*Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2016

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