There are not many crises that can’t be helped with either some first aid skills or a good cup of coffee. Luckily our Young Indigenous Pathway students learnt how to do both this month in intensive day courses with the CBD College.

For anyone that’s ever worked in a coffee shop or even ordered coffee you’ll know there is a lot more to an excellent Latte than grinding beans. And with Sydney becoming increasingly snobby about it’s coffee (watch out Melbourne!) we want to make sure our young people have the skills to help them get those all important first jobs. Our students got to learn the complex world of Long Blacks and Soy Cappuccinos as well as how to clearly communicate in the hospitality industry – and we definitely enjoyed all the coffee they made!

First Aid qualifications are a bonus to any C.V. and will help our young people get a future job in any field from construction, hospitality or even working at NASCA – plus it’s always good to know what to do in a crisis!

Our students learned everything from bandaging to CPR and how to use a defibrillator. These are life saving skills which we hope they never have to use but we’re sure glad they have them.

Marko, Isaac and Colt from Glenmore Park High School thoroughly enjoyed the day and said how valuable they found the First Aid course. “It will help us in getting lots of different jobs, like construction or sports –  and it’s great that YIPP take us on these excursions to learn new things”. Isaac will be joining his brother in a bakery in Western Sydney on an apprenticeship. He found the course really useful and now feels equipped to deal with injuries or an emergency situation should it arise in the bakery.

NASCA works in partnership with Lendlease and the Greater Sydney Western Giants to run the Young Indigenous Pathways Program. A key part of our work with Western Sydney students is to give them the skills and confidence to be job ready. As well as our focus on completing school, we are working with students to build their CV’s, develop interview techniques and talk confidently about what they are good at. Throughout our program we also work with young people to develop life skills such as a teamwork, communication and leadership. Combining these life skills with practical qualifications means our students are ready for further education and employment.  

This term we also brought in guest speakers such as Peter Gleeson from Ausgrid to talk to students about interview techniques. As a seasoned recruiter, Peter was able to give our students his ‘Seven tips to hacking an interview’ and share his valuable experience in showing knowledge, ability and attitude when interviewing for a job. Our YIPP students continue to amaze us with their talent and willingness to learn, we can’t wait to see what they achieve next.

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