NASCA Traditional Indigenous Games Olympics

22 September 2017Uncategorized
The first Annual NASCA Traditional Indigenous Games Olympics was held at Western Sydney University and was a roaring success. Students from seven schools in Sydney came together to learn and play Traditional Indigenous Games (TIG’s).

TIG’s have been played for thousands of years by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. They are often non competitive and focus on building skills such as speed, agility and accuracy.

At NASCA we play TIG’s with modern equipment and use them to help build our young people’s connection with their culture. They are also a great way to help keep active and have fun with new friends.

In this year’s TIG Olympics we played games such as Munhanganing, Takyerrin and Buroinjin. These games were a way for our students from across our Young Indigenous Pathways Program based in Western Sydney Schools and our South Sydney Academy, to get to know each other.

This years winners were the Snakes and the NASCA shield will be engraved with their names. Prizes were also given to students who showed excellence in participation and attitude.

Some firm friends were made and we look forward to building NASCA Olympics even bigger and better next year.

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