Handy Fellas in Papunya

6 September 2017Volunteers

Do you have that friend who is just great at fixing things? Leave them alone for half an hour and they’ve fixed that leaking tap you’ve been meaning to get around to and stopped that squeaking on your bike wheel? Recent NASCA volunteer Ben Kaiser is just that type of guy.

Ben who is originally from Tasmania works with young people teaching them outdoor skills and activities. This August Ben was selected to volunteer in Papunya with Team NASCA. Whilst we were out in the community every so often we’d ask ourselves “where’s Ben?” and sure enough, we would find him fixing a door or even helping out visiting community members from Kintore by changing their tyre!

During the week Ben noticed that there were some bikes in a shed that were no longer working. He knew that with a bit of skill and some elbow grease, they could be fixed up nicely. He chatted with some of the fellas and together they spent an afternoon fixing them up. The guys at Papunya are a pretty talented bunch and after a few hours they managed to fix up several bikes that they could then use. Bikes are a great way for young people to get around their communities and also a great form of fun exercise.

At NASCA we are all about role modeling and sharing skills whether it’s during NASCA programs in school or after school activities. Having Ben come work with the fellas in Papunya and sharing his practical skills was a great part of our August NT Program.


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