From six communities to eight in Central Australia

NASCA is pleased to announce that we have expanded into the communities of Epenarra and Canteen Creek.  Both communities are located just over 200km East of Tennant Creek and a 500km drive North-East of Alice Springs in the beautiful Barkly Region. Many Parents and Students from both communities already knew about NASCA’s reputation having been a part of our work in Ali Curung at different stages over the past two years.

This expansion means NASCA has grown from working in six NT communities to eight and in August and October this year NASCA will continue in both communities building on the work done in late March.

Like many remote schools, the students aged 5-16 are generally divided into two classes. The communities are also within the Davenport Range National Park which means the schools and community back onto some breathtaking scenery.

As part of NASCA’s week-long engagement, students will gain new skills and receive more one-on-one learning, however as the partnership develops, so will NASCA’s role and the community’s say in how activities are delivered.  As part of a broader strategy NASCA will work with the young people to reach the potential they envisage for themselves which we hope to build on in each engagement point onwards. Marcia, one of the parents and school volunteers in Epenarra told us that “new faces and new activities” made a big difference for the kids and the school during the NASCA program. “NASCA made more kids come to school. After Monday they told their friends and they came along to school too. Community is happy and they understand why NASCA is here”. Marcia and a teacher’s aide also remarked on the value of NASCA’s gender inclusive work.

Three NASCA staff delivered programs in the last week of March in each community and will maintain regular contact with key community members we met in March to ensure our programs in August and October are as valuable and fun as possible for everyone involved.

Some of the highlights of the March Program included after school engagement with school and community. Some of the best moments happened during some super impressive soccer games played in both communities until sunset. Jack who was a member of the Canteen Creek team said that the organised sport during and after school was enjoyed thoroughly by students and others who joined in.

With the support of a number of volunteers and new friends we made during the week we finished both programs with a community BBQ which allowed us to meet just about everyone in community.

We are very thankful to these two amazing, resilient and hard-working communities for welcoming NASCA and we look forward to continuing our partnership long into the future.  

Our next programs in Epenarra and Canteen Creek communities occurs in late August and NASCA is currently seeking passionate and skilled volunteers to support us in program. Click here for more information and to apply.


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