NASCA empowers young people to reach their potential.


Culture is a lifeline for Aboriginal young people

NASCA is 100% Aboriginal Goverened

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NASCA is 100% Aboriginal Goverened

NASCA provides holistic support to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, supporting them on their educational pathway to a self-determined future.

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What We Do

Counteracting Racism

Racism is a constant in the lives of Indigenous Australians and it has effects across a number of social indicators.


Access to a good education is one of the greatest means of creating parity and positive outcomes for all Australians


The physical and mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is generally well behind that of Australia’s non-Indigenous population.


Employment allows people to live a fuller life and contributes to raising the socioeconomic standards of a person and a community.

Cultural Understanding

There is a need to tailor specific programs to the needs of Indigenous communities where culture is used as a strength.

We are 100% Indigenous Governed

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